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Truth and Absolute Truth

Truth is the target of spiritual warfare

An Attitude of Unity, 1 Cor. 1

Paul writes to the Corinthians about the divisions in the church. This is not a good thing. The video discusses that divisions are actually a sin. A productive church moves in the unity of the Spirit.

Is it your, or the Holy Spirit

Second video covering 1 Cor. 2. Do you rely on your own wisdom or that of the Holy Spirit?

Are you still drinking milk, 1 Cor. 3

Have you moved along on your spiritual journey? The Corinthians had not grown at all. The divisions in the church was proof of this.

Your Relationship with God -1

Your Relationship with God - 2

Gospel of John 1:1-5

We examine the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Father. It is important to grasp that Jesus was with the Father before time. Jesus is therefore God.