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Links to other Ministries

GraceNotes - A totally free Bible-based curriculum.   Everything a person needs to be a knowledgable teacher of the Word can be found here.  I totally recommend the Associates in Bible Teaching for anybody serving in a small group, children's ministry, teen ministry, etc.

Grace Biblical Seminary - What I like is that they accepted my GraceNotes work and applied it to Undergraduate work.  So that would be a way to cut costs.  Their tuition is pretty good as well.

Christian Rideshare Drivers - Blog for those driving for ride-share companies, food delivery folks, basically those that miss normal activities because of the work they do.

Wenstrom Ministries - In-depth material, including details on the original language.  Get resources for sermon prep.

RockFish Church - Good sermons, and a killer vision.

Exponential - Great source of the material (some free) for planting churches.  They have classes to determine is a prospective church planeter should be involved in planting churches.

Thom S. Rainer, Growing Healthy Churches - He also has training for revitilization, intermin pastors, and many "doing" church resources.