Louis Roth Ministries

Helping with the Road to Spiritual Maturity

Why I created this website?

I created this website to reach those who are new to the faith. Our mandate, as Christians is to disciple and baptize (Matthew 28:19), in the name of the Triune God. The verbs in this verse are "disciple" and "baptize", something we are to do while you go about your business. You can find our Statement of Beliefs here. The material found here can hopefully be adapted for new-to-the-faith classes, small group, high school curriculum, etc. The average reading level is about 7th grade. That is the target used.

Need pulpit supply?

You can schedule me for pulpit supply(In the US) by filling out the form.  The fees can be discussed via email.  They vary depending on the distance from Austin and related travel expenses.  You can read my statement of faith here.  Be sure to put the dates, the number of services, Bible version, any specific topics you would like covered, and the time allotment for the sermon(s).  Obviously, developing a new sermon takes more time rather than the ones already done.  Check my "Completed Studies" to find single session sermons.